Heritage Garden Restoration

Garden Restoration and Design - North Down  

One of the greatest thrills is to Restore a Garden to its former glory. This restoration also included a redesign to fit the new clients requirements and lifestyle. It was a great joy for Trevor to work on this project for a number of years starting in 2005.

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Restoration of a Demesne - Ards, Co Down

In 2002 Trevor was appointed to oversee the restoration of a 17acre Demesne. In the first few months work was done to clear the Dead, Dying or Dangerous trees and to reduce the Laurel (Prunus) which was covering much of the site! Over the next 6 years a new walled garden was created, many woodland walks were cleared and a lake established. As part of the small Farm a woodland grant was obtained to plant a prescibed collection of decidious and pine trees to establish a shelter belt!

Many choice replacement trees where planted for the benifit of future generations!