Landscape Consultancy

Project at Belfast Harbour Commissioners.

(Harbour Office Corporation Square Belfast Northern)

Trevor Edwards Garden Design and Consultancy was privilaged to be appointed to work with Consarc Conservation Architects to Design and Supervise the creation of the new planting to suround this important and prominant Listed Building. Stone Conservation work was required on three sides of the building.

Trevor considered the old mixed over grown planting to be without theme and actually detracted from the beauty and architecture of the building. His concept proposal was "that the the building should float on a simple SEA of green" and so recommended a mono planting of Salt air tolerant Griselinia which will be kept uniformly cut and trimmed to a height of circa 120-150cms.

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Castle Leslie & Glaslough Village 

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Trevor first advised CONSARC Architercts at this location on the restoration of the Victorian Conservatory. Later he consulted with them on the extension to the Village Housing when he designed the Village Square and Tree & Shrub Specification. Finally he advised on the garden layout of new dwellings at the Old Stable Mews.

The last person to plant trees in the Castle Leslie Parkland was non other then Capability Brown. Tree Species and Varieties where chosen carefully by Trevor.

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