Yesterday on U105 Radio - Where to see Snowdrops

Posted: 11/2/2014


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Why are they called Galanthus (Snowdrop; Greek gala "milk", ánthos"flower") 

Where to see Snowdrops in NI right NOW!

National Trust

Downhill Demesne and Hezlett House 15-16 Feb. The Argory & Springhill see below.

Privately owned gardens

Benvarden Garden 16 Feb and Ballyrobert Cottage Garden 22-23 Feb

This winter, it was clear to be seen that the weather was milder than previous years, but for the snowdrops it’s been a little confusing! The skies have been clear and as the sun come out, so do the snowdrops, possibly over a week earlier than usual. 

The Argory, near Moy and Springhill House, Moneymore opened a week earlier than planned so that visitors could experience every moment of these beautiful little flowers. Carpets of snowdrops will line the many walks around the properties; their bright, white nodding heads peeping through the undergrowth that bring with them a breath of fresh air and a sign that spring it on its way.

The Argory will be open every Saturday and Sunday in February from12 – 5pmdaily. Springhill will be open on Sunday 29 Jan and every Sunday in February from1-5pmdaily.

For further information contact the Argory on 028.8778 4753 and/or Springhill on 028 8674 8210.

Enjoy your walk thro the Snowdrops - why not post a pic on our Facebook pages. 

Regards Trevor


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