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WR8Z8882.jpgHaving been self employed from 1976 and after a period of 25 years running a Retail Garden Centre in 1999 sold the property in Carrichfergus. Since 2000 he has focused his attention on his Garden Design, Consultancy and Project Management side of the busisness. Most of Trevor's long career has been in Horticulture this combined with his Passion & Enthusiasm for all things Gardening has equiped him with a deep knowledge and experience to bring to the practice!

He continues to further develope his interests in the Garden Media (Garden Writing and Broadcasting). 

Trevor is a much sought after Garden Speaker and has Lectured in many countries. His interest in photography is a useful skill employed in his illustrated lectures.

Over the years Trevor has built up a deep understanding of the Gardens throughtout the Island of Ireland. For some time he puzzled as to how to share the knowledge. In 2003 he set up Plantsman's Garden Tours to allow him to bring keen gardeners into the Rep of Ireland and Northern Ireland to experience the many and diverse gardens made possible by the Gulf Stream Drift in such a relatively small geographic island.

Since 2003 the Garden Tourism side of the business has developed to such an extent that Trevor frequently acts as a global Gardens Tour Manager and an Expert Guide for established Tour Operators.

"Nick Named" during a live radio interview on RadioLIVE in New Zealand as "the Galloping Gaelic Gardener"

Trevor has managed Garden Tours in countries such as New Zealand, USA, France, Holland, Germany, Denmark, Morocco, Barbados, Grenada, Spain & Italy together with the vast and varried number of fabulous gardens through out the Island of IRELAND.

Japan will be added to the list in Nov 2019 and India in early 2020.

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